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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Simple Plan for 2009

A lot of people has been asking me about my plans for 2009. So I put it into a more simple and organized format.

My goal is to hit: 1 Million Dollars
$5,000 Passive Cash flow

How am I able to do this? With a Plan

- Potentially there is only few ways to achieve it:
they are Business, Real Estate, Stocks, or working as a CEO

Knowing that I choose these two Tools:
1. Starting up Centaria Inc. - Real Estate Investment Company
2. Business Acquisitions and development

What Resources you will need and how to achieve the goal

Talents & Experience
- Me and Business Partners
Education- seminars, school, reading
Hire Talents-employees
Hiring Consultants
Getting Mentors
Recruiting Advisors

Money - Joint Venture w/ Investors
Bank and Business/Private Financing

Time - My Time
Outsourcing work
Business Partners

What do I need to do everyday to ensure I am on the right path?

Actions to Take:

General Actions:
-Constantly focus on Marketing
-Strategic Planning
-Allocating Time to Learn and grow

Detail Actions:
- Create Leads and look for Opportunities (Business Development)
- Growing Network Database
- Business Planning
- Creating Joint Ventures
- Executing Marketing Plan
- Presentations to Raise Capitals
- Systemization of Operations


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