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Friday, February 26, 2010

Ever Growing Challenging Demands of Life

(Still from The Other 8 Hours- book) Data is in U.S

Working more- It's not just you. We're all working more than we used to. The federal Bureau of Labour Statistics reports that we worked five more hours a week in 2006 than we did in just 2003!

Vacationing less- It's hard to get away, and many people are giving up on it. while most other developed countries around the requires that their workers receive paid vacation time, the United States does not. Nearly a quarter of workers in this country don't receive any paid vacation time.

Commuting longer- Extreme commuters are defined by the U.S Census Bureau as those who travel more than ninety minutes to work each way. Sound crazy or impossible? The U.S. Census bureau says that 3.4 million extreme commuters are the fastest growing group of commuters in the United States. That's twice as many there were in 1990.

More Stress- One third of Americans are living with extreme stress, and nearly half of Americans believe their stress has increased over the last five years. "persistent and excessive stress or anxiety in their daily lives"

Increased Fear- The only thing we have to fear is - everything. Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the United States- affecting forty million of us (one in five adults)

Three billion-plus job applicants- There are about three billion people in developing countries who are desperate to improve their lives and hungry for work. They've entered the global workforce, resume in hand. They are willing to work longer hours for less pay and no benefits. "Job Security" has become an oxymoron for many.

Fewer close friendships- According to a recent survey, there's a good chance that you have fewer people sharing important matters with you.

Having less sex- Approximately forty million Americans have what experts call a sexless marriage- that is, they have sex less than ten times a year.

Getting Fatter- We're getting bigger and we're doing it at breakneck speed.

Happiness plateaus- Despite advancements in health care and technology, we are not any happier than we were twenty years ago.


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