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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

World of Debt

World of Debt

Concept of Money as an Instrument of debt

My view on finance system. Money is created in order to form a working system. It is neutral mean, neither positive nor negative.

Those that are weak manager of it are put into "slaves" of money - Debts. They become servants of it for the rest of their life. In exchange for money would have to sell their time - a piece of their life. We are all started this way, from the time we are born into this world, we are already indebted. Debt as our promises to repay our parents, our post-secondary education, student loans and our credit cards. Moving on from there is our first car loan, personal loans and all the way to mortgages for our first home when we move out. That debt is our obligation and responsibility.

On a traditional way of life, majority of us spent our whole life paying our debts. That is a fact we know, it is all part of a working system - neither positive nor negative - it is neutral.
Those that believe money is good or evil, is foolish for they attached emotions into it. It is simply a game where we are forced to play with our own lives.

Although, money it self is not evil, the holders of them can influence, control, manipulate and transform other people by using it as a tool. Those that are ignorant of it will stay manipulated loss their live rendering services for others, in extreme cases even against their own will to meet ends need.

Those that truly understands it, with the wits and will to use it, will tip the table back allowing them the freedom and benefits of materials goods in our working system.

( The Bankers system is a great example of such; issuing 35 years mortgage having the borrower spend the rest of their live working to service their debt. No one could escape that by renting, instead of owning a piece of property after the years, they will own nothing)

The difference between rich and poor, is not the difference between right or wrong, is not the difference of good and evil, but true understanding of finance (the usage of debt) works and turn the tie of the table to your own side.

And I intent to be one of those in control, I will leverage debt to my advantage to win this game of debt.

(Manipulator of Debt)

Patrick Leung