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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Change for a ten? -by guest writer D.C. Leung

When someone gives you $10 to spend, would you just thank them and think, "Gee, thanks... maybe I can use it to see a movie... or fund part of my ticket for a movie". Now what if, that same ten dollars given to you had only one condition? That condition being that the money was to be given to someone less fortunate than yourself... anyone you chose. What would you think then?

That was what happened to me, on a Sunday evening after dinner in downtown. Autumn was just starting to settle into the city, and the wind started to carry with it the chill of the coming winter. Jason, one of my brother's friends, decided to give all seven of us dining together $10 each to place in our wallets and to give away when the time felt right- perhaps when we have all but forgotten about this task.

My initial reaction, was 'what! Where would I find someone to give this to? Do I have to do it now? What if I forgot? What if I lost it? What if I accidentally spent this ten dollar bill at Starbucks?'. Honestly, it felt like a burden, a homework assignment almost, a task to check off my list as quickly as possible so that I could get on with it.

Not surprisingly, as soon as I stepped out onto the streets of the city, I started to notice how many homeless we have in our city. In the back of my mind, like most Vancouverites, I always knew they were there. I see them everyday as I head off to work. And like most people, I try not to notice their haggard faces and twisted bodies in their raggedly coats as they are begging for change or digging through the trash for pop cans. Or when we do notice, I don't really think about them. I realized that I just think at them. I used to just assume that I thought about them, when in actuality I just replay the headlines spewed by the media- headlines such as: why can't they just 'get a job', what is the situation with our mental health program, or how will our city 'fix this problem', and what will Vancouver be viewed as by the world in the 2010 games in the way we treat our homeless.

But carrying, this burden of a task in my pocket, started to make me think about these people as people. Ten dollars will definitely not change their circumstances, at most it will buy them a hot meal. But this money also represented love from another human being. I began to wonder how they would feel to know that strangers still cared about them even if it feels like society has pushed them onto its fringes wishing they would just step a bit beyond it and fade into oblivion.

The next day, as I walked, I could still feel it weighing me down on one side. How was I suppose to decide who "deserves" this money the most? Would I give it to someone who has mental illness and has been outcast by society? Or would I give it to someone struggling to make a living on collecting bottles because of their life circumstances that put them there on the streets? How would I be able to decide which unfortunate person could should be the fortunate one?

Honestly, I was a little resentful that week I had the money in my pocket. What kind of task was this to give someone anyway? I didn't know how I would feel about choosing who gets something and who will go another day feeling that nobody cared for them. But after a few days, I had forgotten about my task, and the money just sat there in my wallet, with it's corners folded down so that I could demarcate it's specialness.

A week had gone by and I had completely forgotten about this money, just as Jason had said we would. It was another crisp and chilly Sunday night in the city. As I walked quickly from the Skytrain towards Metrotown to meet a friend, I walked past a shape of a beggar huddled on the side of the corridor. I remember then after I had past him quite hurriedly that the ten dollar was still in my pocket. I turned back around and walked towards him, and as I did I noticed that he had a huge humpback and he was trying to curl as tightly as he could into his filthy grey coat.

I went up to him and he looked up to say hi. His eyes had a light in them that took me by surprise. As he started talking, I realized that he was alot more optimistic than alot of the people I know who are fortunate enough to have family, friends and a home to go to at night. He started talking to him and he told me about his life before he got into his work accident... about how he had raised two children as a working man, and about how he had lived a full life already. He told me with pride in his eyes about how he proved the doctors wrong by being able to get up and walk again. After I gave him Jason's ten dollars, I thanked him for sharing his story with me, and I wished him good luck to which his response was, "thanks! I've always been lucky".

Talks Rick Warren: Living a life of purpose

R. Robert Allan

It's always a pleasure to meet an amazingly successful person. This time I ran into R. Robert Allan, brother of Robert G Allan - for those of you that doesn't know him, if you walk into the library or Chapters, look under real estate investment section, you will see his books all over the place.

So it was my honor to have him share an hour of his time with me. He shared how his view on Real Estate investment is going to be like from his experience. He has ran through 3 down cycles. Major change in wealth. He told me how to play the game right, and those majority Real estate courses out there isn't realistic. They over promised as a get rich quick schemes and such. R. Robert Allan is more humble and does Real investing for passion. He is looking for savy investors to invest with him in the States please send me an email and I will get you in Touch. 10-30% ROI

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Researching on Goal Setting

Top achievers know that the wording, structure, timing and format of a goal can make it’s achievement much easier – or far more difficult. Top achievers understand the basic skills for setting and reaching their goals, every time! They know how to design goals that create success. Here are the 10 most important steps to set and achieve your goals:

1. Reachable goals are SPECIFIC. Top achievers know that to reach their goals, the brain must know exactly, precisely, what they are trying to accomplish. Never word a goal with vague terms like “some” or “a little bit”, or “more”. Be specific! If you want to lose 8 pounds and reach a weight of 175, specify those exact numbers. If you want to save $200 this month, be exact. Your brain can help you accomplish almost anything if it knows precisely what you are aiming for.

2. Reachable goals are SIMPLE. Many people describe their goals in complex terms of retiring on the beach in Hawaii, with nice cars and lots of money, and…. Their list goes on and on. Any ONE of those things is a great goal, but the combination becomes over whelming and the brain gets confused. If you want to retire in Hawaii, just say so! If you want to increase your sales by 10% this month, say so! Keep your goals simple, clear, and focused.

3. Reachable goals are SIGNIFICANT. No one can muster the enthusiasm, hard work and courage to reach a goal they don’t really care about. A reachable goal is one you really, really, REALLY want! It’s something that will change your life, enhance your health or wealth, and make you proud. It gets your juices flowing, gets you up in the morning, and keeps you going all day long, because it is important! Set goals that are worth achieving!

4. Reachable goals are STRATEGIC. High achievers know that the best goals accomplish many great outcomes, all at one time. Running a 10K race will almost certainly: 1) feel great! 2) help you lose weight. 3) lower your cholesterol level 4) strengthen your heart 5) lower you risk of heart disease 6) increase your energy and stamina, and 7) improve your outlook. Design your goals to strategically impact as many areas of your life as possible. You’ll have more reasons to reach your goal and more excitement when you do!

5. Reachable goals are MEASURABLE. A goal without a measurable outcome is just a pipe-dream. You can’t achieve a pound of “happiness” or 6 inches of “self-esteem”, but you CAN get a new job. You CAN run a mile in under 7 minutes, or do 100 sit-ups. Someone has wisely observed that, “What gets measured, gets done.” Define your goals in terms of height, weight, dollars, inches, or hours. Then measure your progress until you achieve your desired outcome.

6. Reachable goals are RATIONAL. To reach your goal, you will need a plan, a path, and a vehicle for getting there. Your goals must make sense! When you explain them to friends and family, your goals should create excitement, draw support, and encouragement. Your goals should be just out of reach, but not out of sight! You want to stretch to be your best, not strain after impossible dreams. Set goals you CAN and WILL achieve!

7. Reachable goals are TANGIBLE. Choose goals that you can see, hear, smell or touch. Go for things you will enjoy and that you can clearly visualize. The brain has hard time going for “financial security”, but it can visualize a bank statement with nice, large numbers on it! Define your goals in terms that excite the senses, then go for it with all your heart!

8. Reachable goals are WRITTEN. High achievers always know precisely what they want, because they’ve written it down. Often, they write a short description of their goals every single morning, as a personal reminder of their priorities and their objectives. The act of writing your goals down vastly increases your chance of success. Write it down! Then, keep your notes where you can see and read them every day.

9. Reachable goals are SHARED. We are far more likely to stick to our plan and reach our goals if we know our friends and family support us. Being part of a team increases our determination, our stamina, and our courage. Caution: Never share your goals with anyone who may ridicule, tease or discourage you! The world is full of doubters and you have no time for them. But, find a support team, a group of cheerleaders, and a coach who will encourage you every step of the way. High achievers count on and work with other winners!

10. Reachable goals are CONSISTENT WITH YOUR VALUES. One of the biggest reasons people fail to achieve their goals is that they have conflict between their behavior and their values. However, when your values and your goals are in agreement, there is no stopping you! Clarify your values first, then set simple, specific, measurable, tangible, written goals that are consistent with those values. You will achieve them, every single time!

Friday, November 21, 2008

(REIN) Real Estate Investment Network - Fundamental Research


Don R. Campbell

President, Real Estate Investment Network

"Over 90% of all millionaires become so
through owning Real Estate"

- Andrew Carnegie

Don R. Campbell is an Alberta based real estate investor and consultant and is the director of the Alberta Real Estate Investment Network™. Don started building his personal Real Estate portfolio in Mission, BC in 1985.

At that time, Don worked as an Inventory Control Manager for a major national retail chain. Working the afternoon shift allowed Don to devote a large portion of his time to his passion – Assisting Others In Maximizing Their Potential.

Don spent countless hours educating himself on "how to buy" real estate while minimizing risk and maximizing return. Then he took that knowledge and began purchasing revenue-producing Real Estate using his unique strategies.

Over the years, by purchasing several positive cash flow properties, Don has dramatically increased his net worth, along with that of many of his clients.

And now, many successful years later, Don is helping his clients become financially independent by sharing with them his ‘real life’ Real Estate investing strategies, through his Alberta based Real Estate Investment Network™ and on-line with

The foundation of his business really is “You Can Have Anything That You Want In Your Life… Just Help Enough Other People Get What They Want.” And due to this commitment, virtually all of Don’s business comes from repeat or referral clients

His entertaining and informative presentations have been attended by thousands of real estate investors and small business owners. In these presentations, Don shares his years of hands-on experience as he teaches strategies that he has personally tested in the real world.

Don Campbell’s experience, knowledge, energy and honest hard work, along with the many benefits that Membership in the Alberta Real Estate Investment Network™ provides, will be a key factor in building your wealth, investment confidence and eventually your financial independence.

Don R. Campbell

Okay quick highlight on real estate market in Canada.

Canada remains first place for world investment bankers to park their money
1# safest banking system in the world
CEO of major oil production corp said their cost to extract is at $20-25 per barrel
Do not touch Real estate across the boarder
Job growth in Canada, Economic growth highest to lowest Alberta, BC, SK, On.
Buying sustainable Cashflow properties is key

For more Economic highlights please contact me directly.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Attended PNE Trade Show

Wall Street - Greed Is Good

PNE Trade Show


Brian Scudamore, Founder and CEO

Brian Scudamore is the Founder & CEO of 1-800-GOT-JUNK?, a Vancouver-based franchisor dubbed one of the fastest growing companies in North America.

Brian started the company at the age of 18, and later went on to franchise 1-800-GOT-JUNK? as a way to expand operations rapidly across North America. After several years of hypergrowth, 1-800-GOT-JUNK? now has over 300 locations in the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

A leading entrepreneur, Brian has received wide recognition in the North American media and business community. 1-800-GOT-JUNK? has been featured in over 3,000 news stories, including articles in Fortune Magazine, CNN, Business Week, and The Wall Street Journal. Crowning media achievements include an appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show in 2003, and repeated appearances on the Dr. Phil and Rachael Ray shows. Brian also contributes a monthly column to PROFIT Magazine.

Brian talked about writing yourself a letter, grading yourself realistically asking yourself tough questions on why do you deserve this grade all before starting the year then reviewing it and see how close you come to.

$5000 FREE GAS GIVEAWAY - Networking Event

Infiniti Point - Earl a friend of mine is going to be speaking there.
The Secret to Making $1 Million Dollars

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If So, you are not going to want to miss this FREE one night Special Event!


Edgewater Casino -Stadium Club Theatre
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Monday, November 17, 2008

Neuroscience - Training for Super Humans.

A friend of mine, Dr Teresa de la Boursodiere invited me to her office to understand what she does on Neuro treatments. It was a sure eye opener, using sophisticatedly medical devices I am able to see and monitor certain parts of my brain. I have several programs where I could try to test out my mental states. So I run though a test to see how efficient my brain is doing mental exercises. The experience is about peak performance, being about to turn in your mind where you are focus on now. Majority of the people's mind is wandering around. Only few people have CEO' type of mental state which is constantly thinking in the present. The goal of that exercise is to focus and try to maintain at that state. The more you can work on it the more you are build your intelligence.

Teresa also use this equipment on finances, as a option trader. That is her edge on trading.

Anyways, Neuro science can train or fix multiple problems which includes Memory/Peak Performance, Stress, Addictions/ Angers, Attention disorders, and more...

Here is a link to the place in vancouver

Hycroft Medical Building 3195 Ganville Street suite 60
604 730-9600

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Marketing Tips at Infinity Point Office

At IPOINT, we had 3 speakers Jason, Mark, Mathew presenting tips on marketing.

Jason started off by Cold leads, which is people you just meet in a marketing event. Basicly to get notice - Wear something special so people could talk to you about it.

Mathew goes into detail on converting cold leads to warm by Follow up process.

Mark closed it up with a Model called A.L.L.O.W

Ask questions
Listen Carefully
Look for need
Offer Solution
Walk away (take away)

Then you Follow up - arrange a time to visit or pop by -some people may not like it if you say appointments or meetings - because of previous association with the words.

Monday, November 10, 2008

What Leads To Success?

SWOT analysis - the power to reinvent and restructure

As requested by a friend of mine. Going back 2 months ago, I had the chance to attend one of JEFFERSON J. MOONEY (chairman of A&W) 's conference speech about how he used the SWOT Business Model to redefine the direction of A&W - which at that time is facing serious threats by competitions from the States.

SWOT- Stands for: Strength , Weakness Opportunities and Threats.

This Model forces us to identify and focus on our strengths and opportunities currently at hand, then aligning it to our core values and mission, Objectively plan out the ways to allocation the necessary resources to achieve extraordinary performance.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Real Estate Investments Multiple Ways to Make Money

Robert Kiyosaki on Real Estate

Author of The Book, "Rich Dad, Poor Dad"


A large part of Kiyosaki's teachings focus on generating passive income by means of investment opportunities, such as real estate and businesses, with the ultimate goal of being able to support oneself by such investments alone. In tandem with this, Kiyosaki defines "assets" as things that generate cash inflow, such as rental properties or businesses—and "liabilities" as things that generate cash outflow, such as houses, cars, and so on. Such definitions are somewhat based on the concept of negative gearing. Kiyosaki also argues that financial leverage is critically important in becoming rich.

Kiyosaki stresses what he calls "financial literacy" as the means to obtaining wealth. He says that life skills are often best learned through experience and that there are important lessons not taught in school. He says that formal education is primarily for those seeking to be employees or self-employed individuals, and that this is an "Industrial Age idea." And according to Kiyosaki, in order to obtain financial freedom, one must be either a business owner or an investor, generating passive income.

Kiyosaki speaks often of what he calls "The Cashflow Quadrant," a conceptual tool that aims to describe how all the money in the world is earned. Depicted in a diagram, this concept entails four groupings, split with two lines (one vertical and one horizontal). In each of the four groups there is a letter representing a way in which an individual may earn income. The letters are as follows.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Obama 338 votes vs Mcain 159 votes

Monday, November 3, 2008

A Nice Motivational Speech Of Steve Jobs

We could all learn from Steve Jobs. Here is your Weekly Motivation.

Talking To The Unfortunates

A few days ago, a friend of mine - Jason Harwood gave us $10 to donate to someone in need. So my money went to a unfortunate man named Steve around outside of Metrotown area in a cold rainy day. As a money manager that I am, I asked Steve "If I give you $10 dollars how would you spend it?". Steve said he is going to call this an earlier day, he usually begs for 3-4 hours and go inside Mcdonald to buy himself a burger. The remaining part of the money will be spent when he is back to the shelter. Steve said he has to pay for his food in the shetler.

Steve also gave a reason of how he got into this stage and a plan to get back on track. Before becoming homeless, Steve was a contractor but had an accident - he got permanent injury to his shoulder in the job. From there on he collected welfare but that is not enough to survive in such an expensive city as Vancouver. Neediness to say his finance start to go downhill quick. (Depending on solely your employer and the government to pay you is risky as hell)

In my opinion, the word from Steve seem to focus on how his environment is affecting him, not how he is affecting the environment.

However, the good side is Steve has a plan. A plan to get back to school to re-educate himself and trying to get an office job. My next appointment with the bank is up, and I had to go. So I wish him Luck.

Highlights - Trying to maximize the value of Jason's $10 dollars there is a lesson we could benefit from these- Please add to my comments to see how we could prevent running into problems like Steve had.

Contingency fund - The average American do not have enough money saved up. Money enough to cover 6 month of your expense is needed.

Build your network - friends and family is your best bet on downtimes like these - remember to treat them nicely.

Multi Source of Income - This is what this blog is about. Income from many different sources is always a plus and would help you through the downtimes. Drop me an Email and constantly read this blog to learn more.