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Friday, January 16, 2009

Infinite Wealth Academy - FREE EVENT

FREE Seminar Place at the vancouver empire landmark hotel on January 17, 2009. The Vancouver Empire Landmark Hotel is located at 1700 Robson Street in Vancouver.

*Earl Flormata announces*

I ventured onto this path, a path dedicated to sharing my knowledge and offering wisdom concerning how you can create personal wealth and happiness. With the help of my team I am ready, able and 100% willing to share my secrets with you. I have also invited two very special guests for this launch; the Millionaire Diva, my friend and one of my teachers in real estate investment, Chandan Toor, will be sharing with you how "Now Is the Time to buy Cash Flowing Real Estate" and how you can get into the market even if you don't have money. Chandan will share with you the steps she followed that have made her the Millionaire Diva of Real Estate. As an extra bonus she has brought a few members of her real estate team who will be available to answer your real estate questions

Steve brings his vast knowledge and passion to everything he does and has a
proven track record in business.

Steve Keough, former Director of Peak Potentials, Master Coach, and
author of over 26 books. As well as being a successful entrepreneur of
several businesses, including a successful coaching business, Steve will be
sharing with you "How Coaching Can Help Your Business Sales Grow to New

*On Saturday January 17th** please join us*

*For this FREE event*

*At the *

*Vancouver Empire Landmark Hotel*


*1700 Robson Street*

*Vancouver, BC*

*Doors open at 8:30 am*

*Event runs from*

*9am to 5:30pm*

To register call me 604 862 6873

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Jim Rogers America is Collapsing pt 1/5

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Investing in Candy after Halloween - from

If your like me, you like to indulge with a little candy every once and awhile (if not, candy is also a good tool to use in the workplace, but more on that another time).

Regardless, this next week is the best time of year to buy candy. After Halloween everyone has too much candy. Not only do all your kids have candy, but all the stores still have candy. The stores need to sell their candy, but they have to get rid of it quickly so they can start putting in the holiday merchandise.

The good news for us is the big stores operate in a very logical fashion when they have too much supply, very little demand, and need to make shelf space. They put it on sale, and then even more on sale and then even more on sale to get it off their shelves.

Take Walmart and Target - two of my favorite stores. Immediately after Halloween, all the Halloween candy will go on sale. Probably 50% off clearance, but you shouldn't buy any. This is for suckers.

Around Sunday it will probably be marked around 75% off, but you still shouldn't buy any candy. Finally at some point next week or so, these stores will mark the candy at 90% off!! That’s getting a $2.24 bag of candy for $0.22. This is when you should move in and buy your upcoming year's supply of candy - even candy to give out for next year's Halloween.

After all this is better than just about any stock investment you can make, depending on how self disciplined you are to use the candy when you would otherwise buy candy at full price. You can earn a 10x return on your investment in one year. Even if you buy twice as much candy than you would have otherwise purchased full price throughout the year you will still get a 5x return on your investment plus have twice the candy to enjoy.

Granted we are probably only talking about at most a $10-30 investment so this isn't going to make you a millionaire, but it should help you save a few extra bucks.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Looking for Funding on Candy Routes

Looking for a investment from $10,000 - $20,000 paying an interest or partnership.
Deal is supported by the 2 routes of 20 machines each route, doing roughly 9600 gross sales.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Simple Plan for 2009

A lot of people has been asking me about my plans for 2009. So I put it into a more simple and organized format.

My goal is to hit: 1 Million Dollars
$5,000 Passive Cash flow

How am I able to do this? With a Plan

- Potentially there is only few ways to achieve it:
they are Business, Real Estate, Stocks, or working as a CEO

Knowing that I choose these two Tools:
1. Starting up Centaria Inc. - Real Estate Investment Company
2. Business Acquisitions and development

What Resources you will need and how to achieve the goal

Talents & Experience
- Me and Business Partners
Education- seminars, school, reading
Hire Talents-employees
Hiring Consultants
Getting Mentors
Recruiting Advisors

Money - Joint Venture w/ Investors
Bank and Business/Private Financing

Time - My Time
Outsourcing work
Business Partners

What do I need to do everyday to ensure I am on the right path?

Actions to Take:

General Actions:
-Constantly focus on Marketing
-Strategic Planning
-Allocating Time to Learn and grow

Detail Actions:
- Create Leads and look for Opportunities (Business Development)
- Growing Network Database
- Business Planning
- Creating Joint Ventures
- Executing Marketing Plan
- Presentations to Raise Capitals
- Systemization of Operations

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Billionaires and Their Impact: The Envy Economy

Billionaires and Their Impact: The Envy Economy