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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Everyone Owns a Sales and Marketing Company

9:00 Am Inifinite Point -2700 Production Way Coltquitlam

Everyone in business owns a sales and marketing company. The most company reason people get into business is for Time, Money, Passion, "The Man" - Be the Boss.

A strategic plan for your business over 5 years can make your business work for you as your slave, or you working inside it as his slave. Create systemization of processes - employee manuals, procedures. Have a living Business Plan, Marketing Plan, Exit strategy and Succession Plan.

Obstacles in your business may include: Lack of marketing and sales, lack of systems/ strategic thinking, financial numbers, losing motivation, lack of added value, Not knowing how to leverage, Ineffective staff/training/retaining and Lack of Prospecting.

If you want the freedom of More Time and Income you must understand the Problems before you can find the Solutions.

Clearly written and Defined Goals for you business. SMART - specific, measurable, actionable, Realistic, Timelined. Ex. My personal goal is to own 3 Business self operating, and 50 Doors in Real Estate within 3 years.

Do not confuse being Busy... with being Successful

Use the 80/20 rule, 80 percent of your success comes from 20 percent of your actions. Focus over half your time on that 20%. Use the formula of 40 Mins of focused work and 20 mins of relax for each other. By the way, I've picked up a book called " Power of an Hour" Dave Lackhani
Arrange tasks to "Do it" "Dump it" "Delegate it"

Necessary systems include Website, auto response, scripted, sales process...

Operating Strategically

Lead -> Conversion Rate -> Customer -> # of Transactions ->
Average Sales Value -> Total Revenue -> Margin -> Profit'

Tactical vs Strategic - Short term vs Long term results

Offering guarantees only 2 % actually uses it, but your business increases by 20%

Suspect > Prospects > Clients 17% of people are cheap you don't want them
12% of people buys anything at any price you love them

Measure your business by Key Performance Indicator
Total acqusition expense/ No. of new customers
Profit per visit * No. of visit * No of years
Advertising to lead generated leads to sales

Reason for purchases - People buy to Avoid Pain mostly than for Pleasure.

Example: If you do not want your see yourself working 14 hours a day getting burned out only to see your business go bankrupt after 5 years. You should buy this step by step XYZ Business consulting tool kit.

to be continued...

Entrepreneurs are the most self motivated group of people. Here is a video to booster your Motivation

Cashflow Projection Analysis + Million Dollar Network

1:00 pm

Took a quick crash course in Cashflow Projection Analysis in Waterfront location where small business center is. Impressed with real life extensive knowledge of Bill Erichson- the presenter there.

Bill has over 27 years of business and finance experience. Cashflow projections are used to anticipate and prevent possible danger to business that might for them to go into bankruptcy. The number 1 killer of small business is mismanaged cashflow. Going to solution to the problem may be asking vendors to extend financing, using short term bank loans properly by using them on providing short term liquidity only, incentives for collecting Account Receivables faster, and holding less inventories.


Went to July Ono- Multi millionaire from Real Estate - presentation about "building a Million Dollar network" from there I have learned that by taping into your personal network carefully, networking effectively, you could succeed in business. Each of us knows about 200 people, each of those people knows another 200, and so on. We could reach a anyone to the third network. By tapping into this and leveraging carefully, you could use OPM, OPT, OPR. If you do not understand, please pick up the Book Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. - Must Read - Also pick up a copy of Building a Million Dollar Network by July Ono in Amazon coming soon.

Profitable Currency Day - FOREX

Here is what a good Currency Day look like, with a 50 points interest rate cut in the States. Currency is a very highly leverage Investment derivatives tool, Warren Buffet calls it weapon of mass destruction.

Ladies and Gentlemen Please do not try this at home...

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

How did we get into Subprime? What is Subprime?

Alot of people has asked me this question, I believe this video will clarify the question.

A Trader's Day - catching up with the market.

Today the dow went up

I spent the day watching the market from stocks to currency. Here is a video for your entertainment.

Meeting and Fun

10:00 am I meet with Frederick Margel President of LondonPier at his office in 215-1080 Mainland street, vancouver bc. Talking to Frederick, I have learn of amazing commercial Real Estate deals for the passive investors. We went into detail discussion about each of his projects and the structure is very solid. All the projects by Londenpier is screened, he only works with the best. Londonpier act as the marketing arm, connecting all the best of management with over 13 years of experience in commercial real estate. I am impressed with the structure and finds these deals, making it very attractive for investors. Going to his site you are filled with detail plans of how his project is structured, and they can actually back up the Return of Investment (ROI) when you look into the breakdown. ROI is 10 to 12% for cashflow plus equity of 40- 60% per year. Cashflow is paid quarterly and is more predictable- rental. Equity growth is potential effected by the market demand

4:45 Looked at a deal in Surrey, close to Guildford Center. A closed down Pub was for sell. My partners and I ran through the numbers, looking to come up with ways to rebuild this business.

7:00 Party at Infinity Point - an education place where people could freely learn about investments with no pressure to buy or commit to any investments. We had a Pizza and poker party there to network with fellow friends.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Millionaire Mind Intensive Training Program

This program is a must go, it unlocks your thinking of how you feel about money.
I am currently attending this for 3 Full Day in Vancouver, Conference Center next to Waterfront station. It trains your energy and breaks the bad behavior your mind might have gotten from negative influences.

The training is interactive, and the a great place to network with people open minded for business ventures. To get involved, just buy a book in Chapter called the Secrets of the millionaire Mind $20 and attend for free with the tickets included with the book or contact me directly.
Go to this site to find out more

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Simple Concept of Investing

The fundamental principal of investing is simple. Investing is all about buying "assets" ( Robert Kiyosaki author of Rich dad Poor Dad: defines it as anything that puts money into your pocket )

To Value an Investment: let say your bank account has $1,000 cash, your bank account pays you 4% interest, so at the end of the end you get $40. We call that 4% yield or Return of Investment.

So in investing you are actually buying an asset at a reasonably predictable of Income or Earning of the asset.

These assets includes:

Stocks with dividend yield
Real Estate with cashflow
Business with net operating Incomes

Now through those investments we could have our money working for us. Therefore, we aren't working for money, leaving us enough time to enjoy our life and focus on growing our portfolio like Warren Buffett.