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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Vacation Rental Suite Availiable !

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Warm welcome Letter from my Mentor Tony

Tony Maygoli January 24 at 12:29pm
hi patrick,

glad to hear from you too, how is everything with you?
how is real estate going for you?

i hope you are doing great as usual, i always talk about you when i want to inspire new people and tell them about your story. they get very inspired and they see that everything is possible.

so you are one of my best friend and student that made me proud and the more successful you get the more happy and proud i get.

keep up the great work, and you can always count on my friendship.

i am still traveling, last year more than 8 months and this year i might even make it more than that:)

i see that there are a lot of possibilities around the world.

as you might know i have changed my line of work and i do a lot of workshops, game design!!!!! who could have thought of that!!! :)

anyway this gives me a chance to travel and help a lot of kids for their educations.

when i come back we should get together and go for a chat.

take care,

your always friend and mentor,